the Man Club story

We are all Mogli falling for the allure of the village. We trade in a life of testosterone driven adventure for carrying water buckets for a pretty set of piercing brown eyes. When we realize what has happened, it is too late to return to the jungle. After a few years in the village we have kids, a house and a mortgage. But while it feels like we are alone on the path of adulthood, there are others who share out tale. There are others who fell for the hypnotic power of woman and sacrificed everything good they knew in the world for a hope of something even deeper and better. While at times this hope is realized to varying degrees, no matter how sweet the village can taste there is still a part of us that cannot shut out the call of the wild. No matter how hard we try to drown out the sirens of the jungle, we cannot deny this part of our souls. It is out of the primordial scream of the jungle the Man Club is born.