Daily Prompt: Mystical

via Daily Prompt: Mystical

Everything right now to me feel like a chore. Getting out of bed, eating, dressing–it all seems like a monotonous chain of events with no end. And today is Sunday. Usually Sunday provides a break from the routine. But not today it is still more of the same. I need something mystical in my life.

Today is the same,
It's all in my brain.
I'm doing it all over,
Again and again.
I just need a change.
Something to bring rain.
Get me out of this desert
Of fear and pain.
I won't give up,
I'll make it through,
Something mystical awaits,
When I meet you.

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4 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Mystical”

      1. not at all times, you know. if you are looking forward for what the day will give, yes. but not if it’s the other way around. monotony kills curiosity. 😀


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