Daily Prompt: Sacred

via Daily Prompt: Sacred

Some people take life so seriously. They always seem to have a scowl on their face or a harsh word on their tongue. But life is not serious, it is sacred.

There is a big difference between taking life seriously and treating life as if it is sacred. To treat life as if it is sacred means to value it and to hold it as precious. And life is precious. From every blade of grass to every soul who’s path we cross to every word that we write, life is sacred. When we take care in life we give life meaning. And a life with meaning is a happy life.

People seek happiness in many ways. Drugs, booze and sex are just a couple of examples. But until we find meaning in our lives happiness will be elusive. Each of our lives has a sacred purpose or a destiny. This purpose can easily be drowned out by a pursuit of pleasure. It is when we find a life of service that happiness will dwell in our houses.

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