Happy Holidays

If you’re bored this holiday season, you can always blog. The holidays can be tough when you don’t have family around. They can be tough even if you do have family around. I think that it has to do with growing up. When you’re a kid, holidays are exciting! Family and friends get together, you eat big meals and you’re excited because you don’t have to go to school. When you get older, the holidays are just a couple of short days when the sun hardly even seems to rise before it is night time again.

But blogging can change all of that for you. It doesn’t matter if the sun doesn’t shine or it is 30 below outside. When you blog, you are locked into cyberspace where there is no night or day. In the world of blog, there is only thoughts and ideas and opinion (never mind truth or fiction). So have a happy holiday season this year. Let your imagination run wild like it used to when you were making out your Christmas list. And remember, blogging is very manly 🙂

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If Man Club helps you to be a real man then it is a success. If it hurts you, sue Wordpress :)

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