Letter Man

I don’t want high school to be the best years of my life. It’s starting to feel that way, although I did have a nice run in Chicago in my twenties. My thirties and now forties were pretty bumpy. It seems like when you hit your thirties you should have life figured out. By the time you hit thirty you have been to the rodeo a few times and you no longer need to go to the moon to have a successful day. But around the age of thirty you start having kids and your world gets turned completely upside down. And then when you hit 40 you start to feel like you’re not cool anymore. As fifty approaches, you start to say yourself, “50? Are you kidding me??” One of my ‘friends’ today told me that fifty is the new sixty. But I am combatting all of that with blogging. Blogging is the new cocaine. It’s everywhere and a lot of people are doing it for recreational use and it keeps some people up all night. Anyway, this letterman is giving it a try. Eat your heart out Huey Lewis!

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If Man Club helps you to be a real man then it is a success. If it hurts you, sue Wordpress :)

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