Who Me?

via Daily Prompt: Criticize

Today I was nearly perfect,
In all that I did,
I might have been the subject,
Of the love of every kid,
I reached an amazing level
Of which I will revel.

For today I climbed mountains,
And leaped over tall buildings,
Committed no sins,
You'd think I had wings,
So no need to criticize,
I will soon open my eyes.

Hey Val

via Daily Prompt: Lovingly

It's February,
Not January,
That means romance,
Gives us a chance,
We're supposed to find love,
That fits like a glove,
Lives full of passion,
That we don't need to ration,
A lover who cares,
As dependable as Sears,
Someone who holds us lovingly,
And won't leave us abruptly,
That happens this 30 days,
If St. Valentine pays.

Not Today

via Daily Prompt: Clean

I don't like to shower,
Cold water makes me holler,
And it's not just getting wet,
That makes me a stinky pet,
It's also the scrubbing,
And the soap that's all bubbling,
That keeps me away,
And the bathtub at bay,
If it didn't last so long,
I might sing a song,
Hop right in,
And get sharp as a pin,
But my voice is a bit flat,
So no grooming for this cat.
Besides, I keep myself clean,
With my tongue I'm a licking machine.

Smell You Later

via Daily Prompt: Scent

Today is so busy,
No time to be a wizzy,
I'll just say hello,
Make a quick show,
Wish you the best,
Let time do the rest,
I'm sorry that's all,
I have for y'all,
But today is chock full,
Too bad if you're dull,
You'll just have to get by,
Give it a try,
You'll be alright,
Get over the slight,
It's not my fault,
You're worth your salt,
You deserve more,
That's for sure,
But to be honest,
and tell you the truth,
It's your scent,
That's too much for this tent.


via Daily Prompt: Ten

As a child,
Imagination ran wild,
Without needing a drink,
I would think
The wildest thoughts,
That always brought
Me to the edge of the world,
Where my flag I'd unfurl,
As an adult,
It's not my fault,
But my dreams are smaller,
And dominated by the dollar,
But just today,
I'll fly away,
To the edge again,


via Daily Prompt: Devastation

Did you see the games this weekend?
One team won, the other one beaten,
The games were one-sided,
The visitors hardly sighted,
Now it's off to the Superbowl,
The Vince Lombardi trophy the goal,
But will the game be any fun?
Or will one team score a ton,
In front of the whole nation,
Let's hope it's not devastation.

Er, About That

via Daily Prompt: Oversight

My sight is fine,
I am not blind,
My clothes don't match,
But there's a catch,
I do it for style,
To play for a while,
And about the ticket,
For driving through a thicket,
It was just a game,
My eyes aren't to blame,
I know missed the garage,
And sent you into triage,
But that was the glare,
And a bad rearview mirror,
Now about missing the runway on our flight,
That was a bad oversight.